Kevin Heikes

COO and Co-Founder

Kevin Heikes is the COO and Co-Founder of IN10T. He co-founded the company with Randy Barker, CEO, in 2016 to help streamline the product adoption process—connecting ag businesses with farmers and helping to deliver valuable insights that drive decisions toward a successful future.

Heikes has spent the majority of his career helping grow and develop innovative ag start-up companies. For several years, he helped grow Farms Technology, an online and mobile grain trading small business. When the company was acquired by DuPont Pioneer in 2012, Heikes led the integration efforts. Just prior to starting IN10T, he served as Vice President of Product at FarmLink.

Heikes holds a Bachelor of Science in agribusiness from Colorado State University and a master’s degree in agribusiness from Kansas State University. He grew up on a cattle operation in southern Colorado and now resides in Lenexa, Kansas with his wife and three daughters.