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Empowering through Technology

Accelerating the adoption of new and innovative ag solutions is what we at IN10T specialize in; and our technology platform is the lynchpin to empowering our clients and farmer partners.

Technology Highlight- Sentera

Kyle Morrow, IN10T’s Lead Precision Agronomist, is always looking to push the agronomy process to the next level, so he used the Sentera drone app to better understand the positive applications it could have on agronomic trials.

Visiting FarmerTrials | North Dakota & Minnesota

Have you ever wondered what a trip with the IN10T Agronomy Team looks like? Check out this video with IN10T Sr. Precision Agronomy Lead Kyle Morrow as he visits farms in Minnesota and North Dakota. Kyle completed a standard research visit at each

A Coach Reflects on the IN10T Team

A Coach Reflects on The IN10T Team

By Alex Thompson, Director of Finance and Business Operations

Before I joined IN10T, before I earned my MBA, before I taught high school math, before I was the head boys basketball coach for the Starkville Christian Cougars, I

The Easy Button Drives Adoption

The Easy Button Drives Adoption

By Sarah Pierce, IN10T VP Commercial Services 

Have you ever thought to take the time to ride along in the buddy seat as a farmer tries out your product? The experience provides quite a bit of insight

Free Product Trials Don’t Work: Top 3 Learnings from IN10T

The IN10T Business Has Been Built Upon the Premise of Solving for These Challenges

By Kevin Heikes, COO IN10T

In today’s world, large parts of agriculture product testing, data collection, and product development decisions come from offering prospective customers free product trials. These trials often

Biologicals 101 | Ground, Truth

In our final episode on biologicals, CEO Randy Barker speaks with Pivot Bio Vice-President of Product Development Ernie Sanders. Throughout their discussion Ernie shows how modern advances in technology such as sequencing have greatly expanded the capabilities of biologicals in the field. Ernie

Biologicals 101 | A Farmer’s Perspective

Hear from IN10T CEO Randy Barker and Iowa farmer Sean Blomgren as they discuss the on farm impacts of biologicals. The discussion goes into detail on why Sean believes not only in biologicals, but also sustainable methods on his farm. Sean sees three

An Agronomist’s Perspective

Read Our Full Newsletter On Our 2020 Disease Management Advice

When you visit as many fields as IN10T’s agronomy team does spanning across the US looking at several different product treatments, the data collection process can be complex. Having such a

Sabanto Interview

What is Sabanto? Interview on the Benefits of Autonomous Tractors | Cory Spaetti

Ag Technology Highlight: Free Tools Available

Agronomy and AgTech digital tools are extremely helpful but can come at a cost. In order to test or experience these tools, it usually happens in two forms: you either pony up the cash with the hope it is the solution they promised

What’s New in the Herbicide Space for 2020?

Numerous new premixtures dominate the herbicide market for corn and soybeans in 2020. These are all new mixtures of existing active ingredients already registered for corn or soybeans. Most of the new products contain at least one active ingredient offering residual

Listen to IN10T Podcasts

Listen in as members of the IN10T Team share the FarmerTrials process, talk about our goals for the company, and discuss the future of agtech adoption.

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