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2312, 2020

Thank You Farmers

December 23rd, 2020|

Thank you for being a part of FarmerTrials in 2020. On behalf of the entire IN10T team, we wish you and your loved ones a safe & happy holiday season.

1011, 2020

Delivering Value Abroad: Expanding Services in Canada

November 10th, 2020|

International expansion for IN10T offers value and efficiency for farmer, company clients By Pat Comte, VP Canada I recently came across the movie Moneyball one snowy Sunday evening while at home near Winnipeg, MB, Canada. If you haven’t seen it, the movie highlights a great real-life baseball story involving the Oakland Athletics competing with a limited budget. Watching it this time, I found that its message resonated with me more than ever as I embark on a new career with IN10T. Like many ag companies, Oakland’s General Manager Billy Beane had to make key decisions with limited resources to succeed in a competitive environment. In his case, Beane was trying to launch a high-performing product on the field for his paying customers. Instead of going back to the well and doing the same thing that’s been done by every MLB team year ...

411, 2020

The Human Side of Ag Data Processing

November 4th, 2020|

 At IN10T, technology enables processing millions of ag data points, but it’s the personal touch that makes the difference. Colton Mills starts off every day by making a plan. The agronomist knows that if he’s organized and on top of the millions of data points that he and the teams at IN10T manage, “We can help our clients be successful.”  Mills focuses a lot of time on data processing, which, at its core, means pulling out meaningful insights from the information (plant health, disease pressure, field inputs, and more) that is regularly collected from field trials. “We are always working to stay on top of the data coming in and trying to get it pushed to the next critical touchpoint,” Mills says, which often includes reaching out to the farmer directly to check data discrepancies.  This process starts even before planting, by collecting field boundaries and ordering ...

3010, 2020

#Harvest20 Social Index Week 4

October 30th, 2020|

Keep a pulse on what's happening across the farming community this harvest season. Read through this week's social index to get a more in depth analysis of the key takeaways!

2210, 2020

It’s the Farmers’ Vote that Counts

October 22nd, 2020|

By Randy Barker, co-owner & CEO IN10T As I write this blog, politicians across the U.S. are wondering how they can get you and me to adopt them as our candidate. They want us to not only adopt them, but to act with our vote. In our industry the farmer holds the ultimate vote. If farmers try your product and their feedback is engaging and positive, the farmer becomes a catalyst for success. So, how do we get them to adopt your new widget, technology or agronomic product?  We don’t know yet. When the IN10T team sits down with a client, we start with a blank slate. We ask you about your vision for success and build the pillars of the process around that. And once our team and yours agrees on the path forward, IN10T has the market and industry expertise to quickly deliver on the vision. ...

1510, 2020

Technology Highlight- The CropSafe Network

October 15th, 2020|

The Cropsafe Network Over the past couple of week's we've been sharing our perspective and reviews on some leading technologies in agriculture. We love learning about new technology solutions at IN10T and it's even better when that innovation comes from one of our FarmerTrial Participants. Today we’re excited to talk about one of those innovations.  FarmerTrials Network member Justin Ogle is a farmer full of ideas. As he works his fields in Missouri, he often comes up with solutions to everyday problems that farmers face. What stands out however, is that his solutions often end up being turned into companies that actively make a difference in the agriculture industry. Case and point- Cropsafe, a company Justin and a team of experts started to help farmers and companies deal with pest threats.  The purpose of Cropsafe is simple. To provide locations for storage of sensors that generate data valuable ...

810, 2020

Technology Highlight-Platinum Ag

October 8th, 2020|

CropX Soil Moisture Probes Cassie & Jake Misch are a dynamic team. The husband and wife duo work in northern Indiana, Cassie focusing on agronomy and CropX advising, and Jake focused on their farm. As part of both of their work, they get the opportunity to use, review, and understand new technologies that are being employed on the field. One such technology that has quickly risen to prominent use in their area is the CropX Soil Moisture probe.  The need first became obvious about 5 years ago when Cassie noticed that farmers didn’t have access to accurate decision making services to help them understand their irrigation practices. In fact, there was a general lack of access to irrigation data at all. In response, Cassie went through training and became an advisor for her area under her broader Platinum Ag agronomy services company. For his part, Jake began including ...

710, 2020

Empowering through Technology

October 7th, 2020|

Empowering through Technology By Mike Hartquist, VP of Technology How many times have you heard this statement around your business "If we just had this new technology (software) it would solve our problems”? If only it was that easy!   For most businesses, technology is not the product or service being sold and should really be considered an 'enabler' to the business (and their clients). Accelerating Adoption of new and innovative ag solutions is what we at IN10T specialize in; and our technology platform is the lynchpin to Empowering our clients and farmer partners.  Notice the absence of the words software, system, or tool - rather a technology Platform that enables our business, clients, and partners to understand and make informed decisions regarding the effectiveness and use of these products.   We are very IN10Tional with our technology strategy and roadmap - here is what we value: ...

110, 2020

Technology Highlight- Sentera

October 1st, 2020|

Testing the Future of Agriculture Kyle Morrow, IN10T’s Lead Precision Agronomist, is always looking to push the agronomy process to the next level. One area that Kyle often studies is the use of field tools that can help with data collection. Kyle recently spent time with the Sentera drone app coupled with his DJI Phantom 4 Pro to better understand the positive applications it could have on agronomic trials..  Kyle tested the Sentera app at one of our IN10T Research Farms in Northwest Indiana. He was focused primarily on determining if the app would serve well as a replacement for time consuming stand counts, as well as to collect some visual imagery of the field. As he approached the research farm and began to set up his equipment, he noted the ease of  connecting the app to his drone. Kyle notes that the app and the drone were ...

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