• A network of over 1,500 innovative, future-focused farmers who desire to test and learn cutting edge technologies and solutions.

  • This valuable network accelerates the product development process by getting it in the hands of their target customers in real-world scenarios earlier in the product lifecycle.

  • The FarmerTrials Network is powered by IN10T, an independent, farmer-centric data driven company focused on partnering with famers on behalf of clients to test and learn the benefits of innovative agricultural products and solutions.



  • Be the first to learn about new products and practices

    • We partner with a variety of clients across multiple crops including wheat, corn and soybeans. Trials include solutions such as microbials, biologicals and plant nutrition to name a few.

  • Evaluate product performance on your farm

    • Our AgTech network will assist you in implementing the trial protocols and completing necessary field activities.

    • At the end of the season, you’ll receive a detailed harvest summary clearly highlighting the product performance of your trial.

  • Be compensated for investing time and resources

    • We believe in paying farmers for their time to participate and execute the trials.

    • Each trial has it’s own compensation rate based on the requirements and level of difficulty.


  • The first step is to enroll in the network by clicking the link below.

  • We’ll ask you a few questions about your operation in order to better understand the trial opportunities that may be a fit for you.

  • At the beginning of each season, we go through a “matching” process to align the trial needs with the appropriate farmers who can successfully implement the trial.

  • We host webinars, provide resources and support you through your individual trial execution all season long.

  • You will be able to submit your boundaries, planting, as-applied and harvest data through our easy to use FarmerTrials Portal.

  • We apply our proprietary data science analysis to produce detailed harvest reports so you can accurately assess how the product performed.

  • Depending on the trial, you may be asked to complete 1-2 surveys throughout the process to share your feedback.

Join Our Network


  • Each trial will have its own unique set of requirements. These will be presented to you, along with the compensation plan, prior to making a commitment. 

  • Across all protocols, we do require – digital data from your monitor or a Financial Management Information System.


What drives your decisions when you bring new products or technology to the farm? We asked, and the FarmerTrials Network delivered! Check out the report below to learn how more than 250 farmers responded.

“In10T has been awesome to work with. They provide great guidance in using innovative farm products on the farm. They have opened doors to other ag companies and really brought value to my farm.”

Joel Mathiowetz

“We were able to get introduced to new products, and have been really happy with the experience and team at FarmerTrials.”

Brett Huber

“I have done trials in both corn and wheat and have been very pleased with all the opportunities they have brought to our field. It is a neat deal to get connected with some pretty good companies and new technology. You also get paid for learning about these new products and your efforts.”

Bryan Tomm

“It is cool to see the latest and greatest technologies coming down the pipe. IN10T is getting growers involved and using factual information to help get them added to the market place in the future.”

Justin Ogle
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