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2 09, 2020

The Easy Button Drives Adoption


The Easy Button Drives Adoption By Sarah Pierce, IN10T VP Commercial Services  Have you ever thought to take the time to ride along in the buddy seat as a farmer tries out your product? The experience provides quite a bit of insight into what it takes for producers to implement your products or technologies. In other words, it’s a great opportunity to understand their Customer Effort Score. Customer Effort Score, or CES is a term applied to a single-item metric that measures how much time, energy or effort a customer has to exert to effectively implement your product or utilize your technology, get an issue resolved, a request filled, a product purchased/returned or a question answered.  Quite often in agriculture, we’re so focused on the yield benefits or product performance that we overlook the fact that farmers, like all business owners, are busy. Efficiencies matter. There simply aren’t enough hours or labor to accomplish everything that needs to be done. And unlike other industries, because of Mother Nature, ...

The Easy Button Drives Adoption2020-10-08T20:11:35+00:00
16 07, 2020

An Agronomist’s Perspective


Read Our Full Newsletter On Our 2020 Disease Management Advice When you visit as many fields as IN10T’s agronomy team does spanning across the US looking at several different product treatments, the data collection process can be complex. Having such a great team supporting me while I am on the road is a big help, but the technology we use is also critical to accurate data collection. I am informed of the field before ever leaving the house through our estimation of growth stages, visualization of planting data and treatment areas, and being able to direct myself to the exact field location. IN10T's Technology While in the field, IN10T’s technology allows me to be confident that I am collecting data in the right treatment area. The ability to see my location relative to the treatment area on my smart phone at all times has been a huge asset to me this season by allowing me to conduct field visits efficiently and correctly. It is also interesting for the ...

An Agronomist’s Perspective2020-08-07T15:00:32+00:00
1 07, 2020

Sabanto Interview


What is Sabanto? Interview on the Benefits of Autonomous Tractors | Cory Spaetti

Sabanto Interview2020-09-29T16:20:30+00:00
25 06, 2020

Update from the Field June 2020 + App and Technology Integration


Technology is a critical portion of the IN10T process, and Covid19 has increased the need for new solutions. In response, IN10T has developed an app for agronomy use that allows us to social distance and collect data more effectively while in the field. Check out the video below to learn more about our process in the field.

Update from the Field June 2020 + App and Technology Integration2020-09-29T16:13:12+00:00
15 06, 2020

Ag Technology Highlight: Free Tools Available


Agronomy and AgTech digital tools are extremely helpful but can come at a cost. In order to test or experience these tools, it usually happens in two forms: you either pony up the cash with the hope it is the solution they promised you or sign-up for a 7-day free trial. Neither of these options are very attractive, and they either become an expensive trial if you buy it for a year and decide it does not fit your needs, alternatively, the 7-day trial is simply not enough time to experience and evaluate a sophisticated tool. Here are a few free tools that can be taken advantage of that don’t have the limitations shared above: BASF Field Manager – A digital approach to grow your crops and identifying risks early on. Farmwave – Web app that identifies plant diseases, weeds, and kernel counting using AI. EOS – Providing free satellite imagery to help remote scout fields with COVID19. UNL Digital Ag – Free AgTech Courses on how ...

Ag Technology Highlight: Free Tools Available2020-09-29T16:08:33+00:00
10 06, 2020

What’s New in the Herbicide Space for 2020?


Numerous new premixtures dominate the herbicide market for corn and soybeans in 2020. These are all new mixtures of existing active ingredients already registered for corn or soybeans. Most of the new products contain at least one active ingredient offering residual control. As in the past decade or so, control of glyphosate resistant Palmer amaranth and common waterhemp drive trait selection and weed management systems. Valent Valent received registration this spring for Perpetuo®, a premix product combining the residual prowess of pyroxasulfone (Group 15 herbicide) with the burndown properties of flumiclorac (Group 14 herbicide). Valent promotes the use of Perpetuo as a post-applied product with enough residual to ensure excellent weed control up to canopy closure. Perpetuo is labeled for both corn and soy.  Corteva  Corteva’s Enlist E3® soybean varieties are widely available for the 2020 season. Enlist soybeans tolerate pre- and post-applications of Corteva’s proprietary low volatility formulation of 2,4-D (2,4-D choline with Colex-D® technology). Enlist Duo® 3.38L is a premix of 2,4-D choline plus glyphosate ...

What’s New in the Herbicide Space for 2020?2020-09-29T16:06:32+00:00
20 05, 2020

Listen to IN10T Podcasts


Listen in as members of the IN10T Team share the FarmerTrials process, talk about our goals for the company, and discuss the future of agtech adoption. Future of Agriculture Tim Hammerich spoke with IN10T COO Kevin Heikes about not only his experiences in the agriculture industry, but also the founding of IN10T. Kevin described the purpose and values behind the IN10T program and how FarmerTrials supports farmers in their pursuit of better products.  Dan Poston from Pivot Bio, Iowa Farmer Sean Blomgren, and IN10T Sr. Precision Agronomy Lead Kyle Morrow sit down with AgGrad to discuss the trial process. IN10T CEO Randy Barker, North Dakota Farmer Chad Rubbelke, and Compass Minerals National Agronomy Coordinator John Grandin discuss customer adoption. This conversation covers the FarmerTrials journey, from the farmer view on field trials to how companies use the data to improve their products. Global Ag Network ...

Listen to IN10T Podcasts2020-10-28T16:35:49+00:00
14 04, 2020

Farmer Testimonials


Being a part of the FarmerTrials Network can provide incredible opportunity, including the chance to grow your understanding of innovative farm products. These farmers have all participated in one or more of our trial offerings, and were able to gain benefits such as field reports, an understanding of the products they were using on their crops, and the chance to interact with representatives from the companies who partnered with IN10T on trials. Do you want to participate in trials and get paid for it? Then go to our home page at www.in10t.ag and select the sign up button to learn more. Bryan Tomm Justin Ogle Brett Huber Mitchell Hora

Farmer Testimonials2020-09-29T16:05:05+00:00
20 03, 2020

What is FarmerTrials?


Curious about what FarmerTrials is and want to learn more about how the process works? Check out how FarmerTrials is designed with farmers in mind. Sign up here!

What is FarmerTrials?2020-09-29T16:04:18+00:00
14 03, 2020

Profile of an IN10T FarmerTrials Participant


Who actually participates in the FarmerTrials Network? Farmers of course! Members of the Network are innovative problem solvers who are interested in testing new products, and understand what it takes to develop adoption on the farm. Check out what it takes to be a FarmerTrials participant in the YouTube video below!

Profile of an IN10T FarmerTrials Participant2020-09-29T16:03:11+00:00
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