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8 10, 2020

Technology Highlight-Platinum Ag


CropX Soil Moisture Probes Cassie & Jake Misch are a dynamic team. The husband and wife duo work in northern Indiana, Cassie focusing on agronomy and CropX advising, and Jake focused on their farm. As part of both of their work, they get the opportunity to use, review, and understand new technologies that are being employed on the field. One such technology that has quickly risen to prominent use in their area is the CropX Soil Moisture probe.  The need first became obvious about 5 years ago when Cassie noticed that farmers didn’t have access to accurate decision making services to help them understand their irrigation practices. In fact, there was a general lack of access to irrigation data at all. In response, Cassie went through training and became an advisor for her area under her broader Platinum Ag agronomy services company. For his part, Jake began including the soil moisture probe sensors into their farm operation when he installed his first pivot, about a year after Cassie ...

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7 10, 2020

Empowering through Technology


Empowering through Technology By Mike Hartquist, VP of Technology How many times have you heard this statement around your business "If we just had this new technology (software) it would solve our problems”? If only it was that easy!   For most businesses, technology is not the product or service being sold and should really be considered an 'enabler' to the business (and their clients). Accelerating Adoption of new and innovative ag solutions is what we at IN10T specialize in; and our technology platform is the lynchpin to Empowering our clients and farmer partners.  Notice the absence of the words software, system, or tool - rather a technology Platform that enables our business, clients, and partners to understand and make informed decisions regarding the effectiveness and use of these products.   We are very IN10Tional with our technology strategy and roadmap - here is what we value: Visibility Giving clients and farmers access to not only the data, but the process real-time ...

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15 09, 2020

A Coach Reflects on the IN10T Team


A Coach Reflects on The IN10T Team By Alex Thompson, Director of Finance and Business Operations Before I joined IN10T, before I earned my MBA, before I taught high school math, before I was the head boys basketball coach for the Starkville Christian Cougars, I played point guard for the Covenant Christian School Eagles. I love playing basketball - the constant movement up and down the court, the speed and agility of my teammates to change up plays, the adrenaline rush that comes with pushing toward a goal together … and winning! It’s been several years since I’ve coached or played, but last harvest it felt like I was back on the court again. Only this time it was with my IN10T teammates. And our endgame was helping our FarmerTrials Network  participants wrap up data collection for the 2019 season. Due to excess moisture all growing season, challenging would be a gentle way to describe Harvest 2019. When brief windows opened and our farmers could actually get into ...

A Coach Reflects on the IN10T Team2020-09-29T14:17:33+00:00
2 09, 2020

The Easy Button Drives Adoption


The Easy Button Drives Adoption By Sarah Pierce, IN10T VP Commercial Services  Have you ever thought to take the time to ride along in the buddy seat as a farmer tries out your product? The experience provides quite a bit of insight into what it takes for producers to implement your products or technologies. In other words, it’s a great opportunity to understand their Customer Effort Score. Customer Effort Score, or CES is a term applied to a single-item metric that measures how much time, energy or effort a customer has to exert to effectively implement your product or utilize your technology, get an issue resolved, a request filled, a product purchased/returned or a question answered.  Quite often in agriculture, we’re so focused on the yield benefits or product performance that we overlook the fact that farmers, like all business owners, are busy. Efficiencies matter. There simply aren’t enough hours or labor to accomplish everything that needs to be done. And unlike other industries, because of Mother Nature, ...

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16 07, 2020

An Agronomist’s Perspective


Read Our Full Newsletter On Our 2020 Disease Management Advice When you visit as many fields as IN10T’s agronomy team does spanning across the US looking at several different product treatments, the data collection process can be complex. Having such a great team supporting me while I am on the road is a big help, but the technology we use is also critical to accurate data collection. I am informed of the field before ever leaving the house through our estimation of growth stages, visualization of planting data and treatment areas, and being able to direct myself to the exact field location. IN10T's Technology While in the field, IN10T’s technology allows me to be confident that I am collecting data in the right treatment area. The ability to see my location relative to the treatment area on my smart phone at all times has been a huge asset to me this season by allowing me to conduct field visits efficiently and correctly. It is also interesting for the ...

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1 07, 2020

Sabanto Interview


What is Sabanto? Interview on the Benefits of Autonomous Tractors | Cory Spaetti

Sabanto Interview2020-09-29T16:20:30+00:00
25 06, 2020

Update from the Field June 2020 + App and Technology Integration


Technology is a critical portion of the IN10T process, and Covid19 has increased the need for new solutions. In response, IN10T has developed an app for agronomy use that allows us to social distance and collect data more effectively while in the field. Check out the video below to learn more about our process in the field.

Update from the Field June 2020 + App and Technology Integration2020-09-29T16:13:12+00:00
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