We’re here to make a difference in agriculture.

IN10T is a digitally-powered company focused on Accelerating Adoption of new technologies in agriculture.  We help companies reach their commercial objectives by putting the farmer at the center of our solutions. IN10T FarmerTrials network allows us to work directly with leading edge farmers in evaluating, improving and adopting new technologies.  

We deliver solutions from trials to go-to-market utilizing a wide array of technologies bringing them together to fully understand the performance of a technology on farm, how the farmer experience is perceived and ultimately the best path for commercial success.  Everything we do is driven by data and is fully scalable in our client’s environment. When we work with farmers and utilize the right technologies for the job our clients and farmers win with successful adoption of technology. Our proprietary business model – working as an integrated whole from stem to stern – enables us to do what others can’t.

Our Mission

IN10T’s mission is to Accelerate Adoption of the best in class agricultural solutions by leveraging innovative techniques. We believe that bringing new agricultural technologies to market will fundamentally change the industry for the better. We will always strive to do the right thing for our farmers and clients.

We will do this by:

Our Passion

Through our non-profit partnerships, we demonstrate our commitment to helping our global and local communities thrive. We can make the greatest impact by supporting the inspiring charitable organizations that are already changing the world for the better. In 2020, we’re pleased to partner with Field of Hope.

“Field of Hope is a Christian non-profit dedicated to agricultural education and extension around the world. We have a mission to develop knowledge and enthusiasm among youth and smallholder farmers to sustain communities to be both nutritionally food secure and economically empowered. We believe in sustainable models that empower and equip locals to carry on successfully long after we have left, and we are so excited to partner with IN10T to do just that!”

Alexa Major Wilcox, Executive Director

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