We’re here to make a difference in agriculture.

Accelerating Adoption

Each farm is complex, every farmer is different, and the ag industry is changing daily. But while agriculture is becoming increasingly more innovative and technology-driven, bringing emerging products and solutions to the field can often be a slow and challenging process 

In 2016, Randy Barker and Kevin Heikes saw a need to help streamline that process. They founded IN10T to connect businesses with farmers and help deliver the valuable insights that enable businesses to drivdecisions towards a successful future 

Because of the important role that technology plays in the innovation process, in 2020, IN10T developed INvision, a customizable technology solution that delivers well-timed, quality data insights across all aspects of product performance in a single web-based interface.  

IN10T will continue to follow farmers in their journey, season by season, so we can effectively help businesses develop technology that is relevant and impactful on the farm 

Our Mission

IN10T’s mission is to accelerate adoption of new and emerging agricultural products and solutions by using digital tools and agronomic support to deliver valuable insights to clients and farmers. These insights enable key stakeholders to assess product performance and characterize products to drive business decisions towards successful future seasons.  

We believe that bringing new agricultural technologies to market will fundamentally change the industry for the better.  

We will do this by:

Our Clients

Where IN10T Operates

The IN10T teams work remotely from locations across the U.S., Canada, and South America. Ag product trials are conducted in more than 30 U.S. states, Brazil, and Argentina, and the Canada team broke ground on product trials in 2021 

North America

South America