We asked farmers – and unlocked on-farm adoption

unlock on-farm adoption

By Sarah Pierce, Commercial VP

Product adoption is tricky. Just like there is no one-size-fits-all approach to farming, there is no one reason, or no one method, that farmers may use to make a decision to bring a new product or technology on their operation.

Sometimes the decision is around bringing a new product on just one field that might benefit. Sometimes it’s about yield gains, or perhaps trying to diversify market offerings. And sometimes trying something new all comes down to farmers’ perception of a product: the product can do a good job meeting a need or solving a problem, but if the farmer isn’t convinced that it’ll help them, the farmer will move on.

Farmers may attribute a good or poor outcome to a variety of factors, not just product performance. For instance, we’ve even known farmers to have a good experience with a product but not recommend it because of poor customer service.

So, how do we know what farmers are thinking? We ask – and we listen to what they have to say! And because we’re passionate about knowing the factors that drive product adoption, we took all of the questions we had to our dynamic, innovative FarmerTrials Network.

In December 2020, IN10T launched a survey asking farmers what impacts their decisions to bring new ‘stuff’ to their farm – from seed products to equipment to pesticide management, and more. The results from the more than 250 respondents were fascinating.

My team and I spent a long time analyzing the responses, trying to determine the most important and impactful insights to share. As we read and re-read the results, we came to the conclusion that are Four Principles of Product Adoption:

  1. Consult, don’t sell
  2. Quantify the value
  3. Engage with farmers’ data
  4. De-risk market entry

These Four Principles have a lot more insights behind them than what you see here, and we’re ready to share them because we believe knowing how best to reach farmers with the tools they want and need will fundamentally push agriculture forward.

That’s why we’re excited to share the full report with you in a comprehensive e-book, Unlocking On-Farm Adoption. In this e-book, you’ll find the data that supports our conclusions, and you’ll also find how your ag business can earn the privilege to get their product onto or into a farmer’s operations.

IN10T Adoption Insights

Our data showed that farmers are being very strategic about trialing new products on their farm.

IN10T helps our clients convert farmer insights into actionable outcomes. Because once you have insight into what impacts farmers’ buying decisions, your ag business can utilize these insights to develop the right products and build a strategy with long-term success.

In this one survey, we learned so much, and we aim to keep learning from farmers in a myriad of ways: through conducting surveys for our clients, to trialing a listening and engagement tool for farmers to use with ease, to simply being there on the other end of the phone when a farmer reaches out.

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about how we connect with farmers, because it’s our passion and foundational to our business.

IN10T is committed to continuing to ask and listen to farmers – it’s a win for the farmer, and it’s a win for ag businesses.

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