IN10T Engineer Jarett Wright

By: IN10T

For software developer Jarett Wright, seeing code on screen is not just a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols. Instead, he sees a big puzzle and is fascinated by the process of putting all the pieces together in a way that makes sense. The puzzle he’s most interested in is agriculture. “I get excited by the prospect of using technology to approach challenges in ag in new ways,” he says.

Wright’s job is to write machine code, which gives instructions to a computer to get a job done. Working on the IN10T Technology team since mid-2020, one of Wright’s most meaningful projects was helping to develop the ‘View Fields’ feature in the INvision Platform.

“We basically went from having a great idea to building out a highly useful, critical tool in a matter of weeks, and we continue to make advancements day after day,” he says. “Now, we have a tool that farmers and clients can use to visualize their trial data and make more informed decisions.”

Wright collaborates across the Technology, Agronomy, and Innovation teams at IN10T to first understand what problems need to be solved before diving into the code environment and starting work.

He views this collaboration with colleagues as key to developing something that brings value to clients and farmers. “The biggest challenge in writing code is writing meaningful code,” Wright says, and believes that development should never stop. “Ag is such a dynamic industry, so we have to stay agile and make adjustments so that all the right pieces of the puzzle continue to fit nicely together.”

Working from his home office near Kansas City, Missouri, Wright is a far cry from where he started his professional career. Having grown up in an ag community, he has always been interested in working in agriculture and spent a few years managing at a feedlot after college. It was a few more years before Wright became increasingly intrigued by digital ag technology and started looking for ways to participate on the digital side of the industry.

After learning and honing his skills in coding and software development over several years, Wright landed a role on the IN10T Technology team. It’s a role that has meant so much more than simply writing static code; he feels like he’s in exactly the right place to positively impact agriculture.

“Technology is poised to solve a lot of challenges in agriculture, but farmers often want to know a solution works before making a significant investment in it,” Wright says. “Putting the trial data in front of farmers will go a long way in helping build their trust in a new solution and the data that supports it.”

In supporting the development and advancement of the INvision Platform, Wright is able to support efforts that show farmers the ROI of ag innovations and make the product adoption process more efficient. He sees efficiency and advocacy through technology as important building blocks for how agriculture can move forward in a sustainable way.

While Wright may not be in the tractor cab or feeding cattle, his role at IN10T has allowed him to apply his talents as a developer in an industry that he loves. “What we’re doing at IN10T means that we’re a part of the future of ag. That really motivates me, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”