IN10T CEO Kevin Heikes stands in a field with a farmer

At IN10T, we’re here to help farmers and the innovative ag businesses who provide solutions, and we want to continue to provide valuable insights for many seasons to come.

Kevin Heikes

“If you eat today, thank a farmer.”

That’s a saying that’s on repeat in my head this Thanksgiving week.

Like many of us, this week reminds me to acknowledge the myriad of things I’m grateful for, and farmers are near the top of my list. While so much of what we’ve faced in 2020 has been unexpected, I’ve gained a great amount of satisfaction that we at IN10T continue to be on the right path, doing the right thing, and bringing value to farmers and clients.

IN10T is here to help farmers. We do this by helping businesses reach them and demonstrate what their products can do in a real-world environment, at scale, with timely insights delivered to both the farmer and the business.

This harvest season, though IN10T’s business has grown, our teams delivered yield data weeks ahead of when we expected to. Our new platform tool that was developed this year enabled a well-timed output of quality data results, and our incredible team has made sure that we’re providing consistent, valuable, and actionable insights. This way, IN10T’s company clients and farmer network have the right information to make the right decisions for their operations in a time frame that works best for them.

We are so tremendously grateful.

We at IN10T have spent a long time talking to and listening to farmers, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. But we have found that combining that input with a technology-driven approach, we create experiences that drive adoption by considering all aspects of purchase drivers. We continue to improve how we do that, and we value farmers’ input. We know that farmers need more than just free product – they want to know that it’s worth the investment of their time. Did you receive a free product to try on your farm and weren’t sure of the value it brought to your field? Did you wonder if there was more you could learn from the data you collected on that trial?

Let us know

I’ll end by saying – on behalf of the dedicated team of agronomists, data processors, project managers, developers, and commercial experts here at IN10T – thank you for all the work you do as a farmer, as an innovator, as an entrepreneur. We’re grateful you’re here.