International expansion for IN10T offers value and efficiency for farmer, company clients

By Pat Comte, VP Canada

I recently came across the movie Moneyball one snowy Sunday evening while at home near Winnipeg, MB, Canada. If you haven’t seen it, the movie highlights a great real-life baseball story involving the Oakland Athletics competing with a limited budget. Watching it this time, I found that its message resonated with me more than ever as I embark on a new career with IN10T.

Like many ag companies, Oakland’s General Manager Billy Beane had to make key decisions with limited resources to succeed in a competitive environment.

In his case, Beane was trying to launch a high-performing product on the field for his paying customers. Instead of going back to the well and doing the same thing that’s been done by every MLB team year after year, he decided to differentiate his efforts and instead allocated his resources to invest in analytics and people with a specialized skill set.

It’s no secret the agriculture industry is going through a digital transformation, yet field trials and product adoption are often still executed in the same fashion that it has been done for more than 40 years. Investing in growers and field trials is the right approach and that’s not likely to change, but the time is now for companies to approach them differently to make key decisions.

Comte walks the field with his sons on his family farm near Winnipeg.

I believe it’s important to maximize a product investment by combining grower engagement–using advocacy and customer experience–with technology and analytics that tell the real story. And that’s what we do at IN10T.

As we launch IN10T’s expansion into Canada, I’m excited about the possibilities ahead of us. We pride ourselves on a scalable business model. We feel it’s important to grow with our global clients across multiple regions, and by expanding to Canada and South America, we combine our world-class technology platform with local expertise to customize our services to best suit our clients’ needs.

Working with the Canadian IN10T team, global and Canadian agribusinesses have the opportunity to take advantage of efficiencies in a one-stop shop for support on technology and product adoption.

Canada has a massive land base. From Northern Alberta to Southern Saskatchewan, to the Manitoba Red River Valley, to Southeast Ontario, many variables come into play that has led to vastly different experiences in product behavior. Understanding product fit across all these regions could be the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful launch of a new product. IN10T helps by leveraging both grower experience and digital data, potentially saving millions of dollars in losses and opportunity cost.

Not only does IN10T’s international expansion help our client partners, but it also provides value for Canadian growers. They deserve to be on the front end of testing cutting edge solutions. Many could benefit from their experience, feedback, and analytics.

These business savvy producers want to engage in new product deployments and new technology, to better understand their fit before adopting new products. As IN10T works with clients with innovative solutions, there is no better group than Canadian growers to touch and feel these products prior to commercialization.

Product adoption success is driven by many factors. Like in baseball, products, people, and analytics on their own will never take you to the promised land but combining the three can be a winning formula. At IN10T, we want to partner with clients by working behind-the-scenes on those critical components.

Think of us as a tool to help you hit that home run on the first pitch. I can’t wait to play ball!

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