By Randy Barker, co-owner & CEO IN10T

As I write this blog, politicians across the U.S. are wondering how they can get you and me to adopt them as our candidate. They want us to not only adopt them, but to act with our vote.

In our industry the farmer holds the ultimate vote. If farmers try your product and their feedback is engaging and positive, the farmer becomes a catalyst for success.

So, how do we get them to adopt your new widget, technology or agronomic product?  We don’t know yet.

When the IN10T team sits down with a client, we start with a blank slate. We ask you about your vision for success and build the pillars of the process around that. And once our team and yours agrees on the path forward, IN10T has the market and industry expertise to quickly deliver on the vision.

Why don’t we rely upon processes already in place? Because if your vision could be achieved through existing processes, then it would be easy. And you would not need IN10T.

Traditions are wonderful when they are connected to holidays, but when it comes to meeting agri-business objectives, taking the traditional route can result in wasted time and money.

Today’s farmers don’t have time to take a sales call, attend webinars or read a full-page ad. Today’s farmers work in an environment where there is too much to accomplish within a limited timeframe and with limited labor.

For farmers, time is money. When it comes to on-farm profits, farmers say it’s efficiencies, not yields that make the difference. This is not unique to U.S. producers. Throughout my career, I spent significant time traveling the globe and visiting with farmers. It doesn’t matter if they are farming 2 acres or 2,000, they simply don’t have time to get to know new products or technologies in the traditional fashion.

The changing foundations of our industry demand we become more efficient – and ultimately respectful of how we get information to the farm.

So, you have the product or technology to improve on-farm efficiencies. How do you introduce it to farmers? How do you motivate farmers to engage with your product and try it in their fields?

Why not ask them? That’s what we do. IN10T’s FarmerTrials Network of farmer advocates are innovative decision makers and digital influencers, who trust IN10T.

Now, I know IN10T’s approach is unique. I’m not suggesting change for change sake. At IN10T we don’t do things different to disrupt. We do things different so farmers will adopt and engage … cast their vote so to speak.

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