Empowering Through Technology

By Mike Hartquist, VP of Technology

How many times have you heard this statement around your business “If we just had this new technology (software) it would solve our problems”? If only it was that easy! For most businesses, technology is not the product or service being sold and should really be considered an ‘enabler’ to the business (and their clients).

Accelerating Adoption of new and innovative ag solutions is what we at IN10T specialize in; and our technology platform is the lynchpin to Empowering our clients and farmer partners. Notice the absence of the words software, system, or tool – rather a technology Platform that enables our business, clients, and partners to understand and make informed decisions regarding the effectiveness and use of these products. We are very IN10Tional with our technology strategy and roadmap – here is what we value:


Giving clients and farmers access to not only the data, but the process real-time for decision making and modification during the growing season. Being able to “see” what is happening in the field. Making the data viewable geo-spatially, with in-field observations, pictures, imagery, and agronomy insights is what drives daily discussions.


There is a lot of talk these days about being agile or the ability to change and adapt quickly. Well, that should also be for technology and that is why we built the IN10T platform in a highly scalable and secure cloud environment. The platform is architected to efficiently interface and gather information with a multitude of existing tools and data sources. This includes farm management systems, equipment monitors, weather, soil, imagery, and others – including new or improved sources being continually introduced. You can learn more about our approach to Agility here.


Not to be understated, the platform has taken a very complicated and data-rich process and made the execution much more efficient with tools for gathering data electronically – in one spot. And we know this because we did this work manually for some time to fully understand and design the process and interfaces to gather any information at any time and any place in the growing season.

So why is this different from other companies and technologies you will find in this space? The IN10T business is built on relationships, field context, and experience. Technology can never replace these areas, but it can sure Empower our employees, clients, and farmer partners to make better decisions.

Want a demonstration of the IN10T Platform? Reach out to me today at mike@in10t.ag.

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