Have you ever wondered what a trip with the IN10T Agronomy Team looks like? Check out this video with IN10T Sr. Precision Agronomy Lead Kyle Morrow as he visits farms in Minnesota and North Dakota. Kyle completed a standard research visit at each location, measuring stand count, corn kernels, and trial response along with other results.. The data he recorded was uploaded into our IN10T Portal to increase the accuracy of trial results.

As part of each field visit, IN10T agronomists work directly with FarmerTrials Network participants to gather their thoughts on the trials they participate in. By hearing the qualitative response participants have to products, the IN10T team is better able to understand the full story of each trial.

Members raise a variety of crops for trials such as the corn, soybeans, and wheat seen in this video. As a result, IN10T agronomists travel the country, seeing the different climates that FarmerTrials Network members grow their crops in, and understanding the way that environments shapes product use.