A Coach Reflects on The IN10T Team

By Alex Thompson, Director of Finance and Business Operations

Before I joined IN10T, before I earned my MBA, before I taught high school math, before I was the head boys basketball coach for the Starkville Christian Cougars, I played point guard for the Covenant Christian School Eagles.

I love playing basketball – the constant movement up and down the court, the speed and agility of my teammates to change up plays, the adrenaline rush that comes with pushing toward a goal together … and winning!

It’s been several years since I’ve coached or played, but last harvest it felt like I was back on the court again. Only this time it was with my IN10T teammates. And our endgame was helping our FarmerTrials Network  participants wrap up data collection for the 2019 season.

Due to excess moisture all growing season, challenging would be a gentle way to describe Harvest 2019. When brief windows opened and our farmers could actually get into the field to harvest, it was all hands on deck. Individuals from all departments – commercial, operations, data – postponed typical tasks and prioritized the essential.

We put in the late hours. We worked the weekends. We did what it took to get the job done right.

We should have been exhausted, but instead we were exhilarated. Harvest 2019 put our team to the test and because of the people we work with and the processes in place we were able to deliver.

We pride ourselves in being agile. Keeping our teams nimble enough to quickly shift priorities and direction when needed. In agriculture, agility is necessary year-round. Ag is an ever-changing environment. And our network of empowered teams are ever at the ready to accommodate last minute hiccups and changing priorities.

I’ve never worked with a group of people more willing to drop what they are doing to help a farmer, client or team member. All our teams have practices in place to support speed, flexibility and each other. And we’re the type of individuals who take ownership of our clients’ goals and work hard to see them through.

As a group of natural-born problem-solvers, we are constantly testing and introducing new technologies so that we can be the quickest and most productive. Together we are working toward strategies for client success. Like a experiencing a team win, it’s energizing to succeed together with our FarmerTrials Network and clients.

“People, process, technology” is a phrase commonly spoken by IN10T founders, Kevin Heikes and Randy Barker. And because of how they operate, I know they mean it when they say, “people come first.” Hiring the right people to help our farmers and clients succeed is their focus.

So, who are the right people? The best and brightest? We’d like to think so. But in reality, for IN10T, because we’re a people-first company, we only draft individuals who fit into our culture of integrity, accountability, agility and team success.

And it has made for a pretty great team to play on…want to sign on?

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