An Agronomist Perspective

When you visit as many fields as IN10T’s agronomy team does spanning across the US looking at several different product treatments, the data collection process can be complex. Having such a great team supporting me while I am on the road is a big help, but the technology we use is also critical to accurate data collection. I am informed of the field before ever leaving the house through our estimation of growth stages, visualization of planting data and treatment areas, and being able to direct myself to the exact field location.

IN10T’s Technology

While in the field, IN10T’s technology allows me to be confident that I am collecting data in the right treatment area. The ability to see my location relative to the treatment area on my smart phone at all times has been a huge asset to me this season by allowing me to conduct field visits efficiently and correctly. It is also interesting for the farmers to see their field layout visualized in a way that they many have not seen before.

IN10T's Technology

Those who are not able to be in the field are able to benefit from the technology as well. By utilizing in field photos and spatially locating them, others are able to see where I took a photo and what the crop conditions were like at that time and place. This is just another level of data we are able to use in order to determine the effect a product treatment had in the field throughout the season.

IN10T's Technology

Visualizing data spatially is a powerful tool and IN10T uses spatial data in many ways. Incorporating more data visualization and spatial data collection into our field visits not only benefits the agronomy team and the IN10T data processors, but also the clients and farmers who are able to use the results for their future projects. I look forward to the end of the year when we analyze all of the data we have gathered and are able to share the results with the farmer.

-Leanne Makens, Agronomy and GIS Analyst