Agronomy and AgTech digital tools are extremely helpful but can come at a cost. In order to test or experience these tools, it usually happens in two forms: you either pony up the cash with the hope it is the solution they promised you or sign-up for a 7-day free trial. Neither of these options are very attractive, and they either become an expensive trial if you buy it for a year and decide it does not fit your needs, alternatively, the 7-day trial is simply not enough time to experience and evaluate a sophisticated tool.

Here are a few free tools that can be taken advantage of that don’t have the limitations shared above:

  • BASF Field Manager – A digital approach to grow your crops and identifying risks early on.

  • Farmwave – Web app that identifies plant diseases, weeds, and kernel counting using AI.

  • EOS – Providing free satellite imagery to help remote scout fields with COVID19.

  • UNL Digital Ag – Free AgTech Courses on how to use data, data management tools from the University of Nebraska Extension. If you try these out, please share your thoughts and experience with us!

– Kyle Morrow, Head Agronomist