IN10T is a digitally-powered, data-driven company focused on accelerating the adoption of emerging agricultural innovations.

We Help Clients and Farmers Unlock Growth by Focusing on Three Key Solution Areas


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Our Story

Our goals are simple, and our impact is significant: we bring together all aspects of a farmer’s decision-making process.

Product performance, data analysis, user experience, product perception, and more. And, we use this information to build the most direct path to sustainable commercial success.

Early on, we established ourselves as agronomic partners — and that’s been a key to our foundation and growth. But, along the way, we recognized an opportunity to make the process more efficient and scalable by automating our best-in-class tools and techniques.

So, we developed our proprietary software platform called INvision that enables all levels of the organization to easily engage with, and have visibility to, field trials progress.

As a result, our business clients and farmer partners can make more timely and informed decisions about product development and performance — bringing more value to ag businesses and farms, alike.

INvision Platform

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