Unlocking on-farm adoption

Agriculture is constantly evolving, and at IN10T, we recognize the importance of pausing to take the pulse of the most important part of this ever-changing industry: the farmer. We don’t have all the answers – but we know who to ask.

We help clients unlock growth and give ag businesses the tools and information they need to market their solutions effectively. Part of the work IN10T does includes soliciting the feedback of our extensive network of farmers with diverse backgrounds, geographies, size of operation, and approach to innovation.

In December 2020, IN10T turned to the FarmerTrials Network to find out what matters most to them when it comes to bringing innovations to their operations. We’ve analyzed and packaged the results of that research here, and we’re pleased to share more.

Great products won’t sell themselves. Accelerating product adoption comes down to understanding farmers.

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We’re ready to share the wealth of insights and knowledge in a full, multi-page report. We hope you find it as valuable and interesting as we do.

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