Chad Swindoll

Business: J19 Agriculture LLC

Location: Sumner, Mississippi


  1. What is your name, location, and company/work/farm background? 

Chad Swindoll, CCA in Sumner, MS. I farm and consult under the business name J19 Agriculture. I am also a licensed insurance agent for Farm Bureau.

  1. What do you specialize in?

My consulting focus is helping my clients capture key pieces of information, summarize and explain, and advise how to take action. The goal is to work with the client to connect the operational, financial, and agronomic factors rather than segmenting them. My first question to a client is: “Who are your trusted advisors?”

  1. What is your philosophy in Agriculture?

I am a strong believer in basics and principles in crop production. In many cases, I have “pulled the reins in” on clients so as not to get ahead of ourselves. My experience has taught me that it is very important for each step in precision agriculture to be successful and easily quantifiable. Clients rarely get frustrated or go backwards if we can routinely have “quick wins.”

  1. What is your favorite piece (hardware or software) of AgTech today?

Low cost cellular technology to enable information to move from machines wirelessly is a game changer. Much less time chasing the information, and more time spent cleaning and making sense of it. This is a very good thing.

  1. With all the new things in Ag what are you the most bullish on? Bearish on?

Remote control and monitoring of irrigation equipment is fantastic. I am most bearish on many of the new companies getting in to the FMIS (Farm Management Information Systems) space. At some point, the bubble will bust.

  1. What do you like about IN10T?

I believe that it is only possible to get meaningful and reliable data from on farm trials if the farmer is financially compensated. Willingness to pay the farmer is what I like about IN10T. The transaction is mutually beneficial and that is the best way to conduct business.